About Us

The Friends of the Meridian Library District is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, volunteer organization that supports Meridian Library District through fundraising and volunteering.

Board Members

Teddi Scales


Teddi is a working mom. She loves books of all kinds, and especially well-woven stories. Meridian Library District thoughtfully enriches our community with meaningful service, and she is proud to help.

Lorraine Glass

Vice President

Lorraine is retired and is an active volunteer in the community. She has enjoyed getting involved with Friends of the Meridian Library District. She loves seeing the library so well used by both adults and children.

Pam Geile


Pam is retired, enjoys nonfiction, is a Meridian Library District enthusiast, and is a grandma. She is also the backbone of our book sales. Say hi when you stop in.

Shelly Houston


Shelly Houston, who works for the City of Meridian, has been a communications professional in the Treasure Valley for more than 30 years. She is an avid photographer; loves books, music, and movies; and stewards the Little Free Library at Meridian City Hall. Her best friend is a big brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever.